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Barcodeworks 3.2


BarcodeWorks v3.2

Barcodeworks is a freeware add-in for Microsoft Word (97 and higher).
It can be used to insert EAN-8, EAN-13 and ITF barcodes into your MS Word document.
The add-in does not need any special fonts to create a barcode, it inserts the barcode as a MS Word drawing composed from lines and (optional) digits. MS Word documents containing these barcodes can therefore be sent to other users without them having to install or buy any special font. You can also use the add-in to create a barcode and copy-paste it into other applications like Adobe Illustrator etc.

The add-in is small and easy to use, and still under development (that is, more features are planned). There is a short manual included (PDF). The plug in installs itself in the startup folder from your MS Word application. (If installation does not start when opening the file, make sure your macro security settings allow execution of vba-code; lower your security settings temporarily, if necessary).
The add-in presents itself in the most left corner of your MS Word toolbar as a small 'barcode'-icon.

Other features:
- One-click conversion into EAN barcodes
- Easy to use keyboard shortcut
- Full control of the size of your barcode
- Digits can be printed in any font available
- Albert Heijn NASA numbers can be converted into barcodes with a keyboard shortcut.
- Settings are preserved between sessions

If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to tell me by mailing to the address printed below.

Plans for future releases include:

  • Code 128 encoding
  • De-installation routine

(C) 2004 BV Berggeit